Some Say...
he does not cook his pizzas he merely serenades them to perfection



There’s a bit of culture. There’s a bit of magic. There’s a bit of Napoli, and there’s a great deal of the Big Apple as well.


When you visit Francesco's, you will discover that it’s more than just a regular pizzeria.

No wonder, pizza lovers in Bahrain are discovering how this awesome fusion of a New York state of mind with Neopolitan passion for the good life has resulted in the creation of the tastiest pizza this side of the globe.

The fusion plays out in other areas, too. The fusion between art and science is one that has enabled Francesco's to transform the very art of gastronomy into a scientific exercise. The science comes at the very onset of baking the pizza base itself.  The dough is mixed daily and then meticulously checked in the span of over 48 hours to ensure consistency.


What exactly is New York-Style Pizza?


New York -style pizza has a crisp yet chewy stone-baked Neo Neapolitan crust (as in from Naples, Italy), with slices so large it’s de rigueur to fold them down the middle to eat, and a variety of authentic toppings adapted from the kitchens of Italian grandmothers everywhere.